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Thread: Useless Modem Icon

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    Is there a way for removing this icon (I found this useless and irritating). Personally I donít see what is the point of this icon, its not like I am going to remove my modem! (i tried uninstalling and reinstalling modem drivers but nothing happened)

    Let me know if any of ya knows a way of removing this icon

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    I sugest right click the toolbar and click always hide, becuse when you do get rid of it you get mad. Its harder to turn on the internet off that way. I do remember i had it off and didnt even mean to.

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    i have the same problem, but all i did was hide the icon

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    I think You can hide this from the ControlPanel > Modem

    Not sure though....


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    thats not a modem icon, its a "safely remove harware" icon

    open up device manager (right click 'my computer', proerties, hardware, device manger) - you should see a device with a question or exclamation mark, right click and 'uninstall' - this should remove the icon


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