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Thread: Downloading Torrents Using uTorrent? My Settings Got Messed Up

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    Obviously, in the past, when I click to downloaded a torrent, it would automatically use uTorrent to download the file. Something happened in the last day or so, but now when I click on the download link, it asks me where to save the torrent file on my computer. How do I revert it? I thought I knew how, but I guess I don't!


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    hold shift, right click a torrent (that is already saved to your computer), select open with, then select choose program. point to utorrent.exe and check to box to save this setting
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    Thanks, but that didn't work, either. Isn't it a firefox setting? I want it to send it to uTorrent directly when I click the "click here to download this movie" button.

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    set utorrent to be your default client.

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    and set in FireFox
    look for torrent and
    in action set uTorrent

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    In uTorrent go to preferences->general and in windows integration tick the box that says "Check association on startup". This will keep uTorrent associated with .torrent files whenever uTorrent starts.

    You could also follow the above but click on "associate with .torrent files" instead but this will not keep uTorrent associated with .torrent files if another application changes it.

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    OK, I'm back to normal, guys. Thanks for all the help!


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