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Thread: Crashed Hdd

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    I'm in deep trouble and I need some hints on where to look for help regarding repairs of a toshiba laptop harddrive. It's a MK4019GAX. It's just over 7 months old and so it's got plenty of warranty left but I doubt they'll care about recovering whatever was on the disk. So my question is, who do I turn to for data recovery and how expensive is it nowadays? I live in Sweden but the disk was bought in the US. Not planning on going back there any time soon so a company in sweden that is trusted by toshiba that could fix my problem would be wonderful. I am willing to pay for this so any help would be very appreciated.


    Anyone wonder how it happened? Here's a rundown: It's been a bit noisy lately but only ticking sounds from the heads. Not serious enough to alert anyone about. Then I lifted the laptop to move it and heard a sound that was like a screeching, like bearings that's run dry of grease and had a major glitch. Seconds later when I was about to turn it off it gave up another screech and locked up, dead, finito. Since then I've tried a few amateur tricks like the freezer and such but nothing has helped.

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    The cheapest data recovery firm I have seen here in UK charges over 300 just to look at the drive, maybe more for laptop drives. That's without any guarantees that they can recover anything. Depending on the damage, I believe it could cost many times that amount to recover even some of the data.

    If you are right about the bearings running dry, recovery would almost certainly be possible, and you would be looking at the lower end of the charge scale, but if the noise you heard was the head making a groove in the disk, there will certainly be areas of the disk which can't be recovered, and costs would be enormous.

    I think you need to decide if it is worth spending that kind of money to have one of these firms have a look.
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