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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean

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    I have just d/l pirates of the caribbean DaDuck DivX 716,437 BYTES. on 50 minutes 40 seconds the film pixelizes & stops encoding can anyone help apologies if in wrong section

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    Sounds Like A Bad Frame

    Download VirtualDub And Scan It For Broken Frames

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    I have vd but how do you scan for bad frames cheers

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    You need the Vdub version that detects freezes.

    I get all my tools from

    You need the remove badframe guide by King John.

    Ive usedit for the last year or so without any problems.

    A lot of AVIs have bad frame in lately.(But iam greatful for the chance to get movies)

    If the audio is not an unkown tag. (File information in Vdub). You can sometimes save AVI with Direct Stream copy on (audio/video). and it give its best attempt to make the bad frames playable.

    But removing them with Key Frames you can delete frames to make the movie look ok. (IE dont cut out just the fault try and edit it).

    Cheers SMID

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    I had the exact same problem with the exact same file just a few days ago. I am a noob so somebody else would probably have a better way to fix it than what I did. But what I did was very time consuming and frustrating though.
    First I used the 4cc codechanger to change the file from Xvid to DivX, then because I hate TmpgeNC, I imported it into Windows movie maker. Then I went in manually cut out the part of the clip where it was freezing. Keep watching the movie, that is not the only part where it will freeze. I think there were about 4 freezes....They are all in the same battle sequence. I clipped them out and then saved the movie file and burned it. Worked pretty well but after I clipped the freezes the wording was a millisecond too fast. I didn't repost the newly made file as I am a perfectionist and didn't think it was good enough to share my remade file. (Although I have downloaded much worse than my remade file. LOL) I thought maybe someone else would be able to do a better job with it.
    Hope this helps a little.

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    cheers for the advice guy's blade

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    i am donwloading now the dvd-rip


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