Conficker D-Day Arrives; Worm Phones Home (Quietly)
April 2, 2009

" The Conficker worm today has begun to phone home for instructions but
has done little else. Conficker was programmed to today begin actively
visiting 500 out of 50,000 randomly generated web addresses to receive

new instructions on how to behave. Conficker has begun to do this,
according to security company F-Secure, but so far no doomsday
scenarios have emerged.

Among security experts, the consensus seems to be that very little will
happen today. This may be in part because of the high amount of
publicity Conficker has received, but then again April 1 is not the
first time Conficker has been programmed to change the way it operates.
Similar trigger dates have already passed with little change, including
January 1, according to according to Phil Porras, a program director
with SRI International. Security experts at Symantec, the maker of
Norton Antivirus, also believe the threat is overblown and says
Conficker today will "start taking more steps to protect itself" and
"use a communications

system that is more difficult for security researchers to interrupt."

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