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Thread: Pokemon Platinum - The Truth

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    Pokémon Platinum puts the player in the blood-soaked shoes of a ten year old boy whose clearly incapable mother allows the youngster to run off on his own to pursue a career of Pokémon poaching. Pokémon, for those not in the know, are a group of nearly five-hundred creatures that resemble animals and even people, but also formless, imaginary monsters, and it's the player's job to capture these poor creatures and force them into brutal gladitorial bouts that often leave them on the brink of death, all in hopes of becoming the best poacher of them all. Sickeningly, the game paints the picture that these creatures enjoy this maltreatment, and that they are even the protagonist's friends; a Stockholm syndrome for animals.

    Written by Adriaan den Ouden

    I hope this article is an april fools joke or something, because it sure made me laugh =p
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    that's a little strange...


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