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Thread: Torrent Sites Shut Down for Hosting Leaked XMEN Flick:

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    So a couple years ago, many Torrent Sites were taken offline for hosting The Star Wars WorkPrint.

    Elite Torrents was one of the many that suffered.

    News states that some Torrent site have already been taken offline???
    Which ones?

    Post them here.

    * FileList has stated they will not he uploading it to there site!

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    pffft we have piratebay lol

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    I'm not sure if I understood the question right.
    Anyways, OiNK has been taken down.

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    i'm not aware of any site that have the word "workprint" on the skiplist of their autotrader/uploadbot xD

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    Well news reporting that "site have been shut down for hosting it"

    I was just curious as to what sites?

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    also, yesterday was april fols day and I saw it released as titanic 2 lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by KARLOZ25@KAZAA View Post
    Well news reporting that "site have been shut down for hosting it"

    I was just curious as to what sites?
    Well, "sites" could be any manner of file-hosting sites, streaming or downloading - not just torrent sites.

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    the site that i use all the time wants nothing to do with the release (banned from being uploaded), i trust their judgment 100%.

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    If its the actual movie, theres no reason not to upload it. If it was being traced, that only applies to the first upload, not some one turning around and re-upping it.

    Even if the file itself had something wierd in it, it could be transcoded.

    Its only a workprint anyway, missing some special effects like hulk was.

    Theres no real difference between upping this and any other movie, except that its not in theatres yet.
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    I just feel a lot of sites will suffer once this is done. I doubt 20th Century Fox will just shrug this off.

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