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Thread: need the best way to learn linux

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    i have mandriva 2009

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    I'd see if they have a forum & join.

    I've joined a couple distro's forums.

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    Linuxreviews is the best site for this. So much good tutorials available. Join the linux forums.

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    Also check out the desktop enviroment forums for what you have. Kde, gnome, xfce comes with Mandriva I think. Yeah and the wiki's they are usually packed with info. Mandriva is a very good distro by the way. I'm installing it again when 2009.1 comes with xfce 4.6 later this month.

    Good luck tux

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    read gnome document~

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    I love the "For Dummies" series. I get them all the time. :-\

    Try Linux for Dummies at Amazon. Maybe Mandriva has their own book for it. Often times distros will have a "Super Bible". Check for the one that applies to your distro.

    Summary: Books. They are always there to look back at.

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    Become a distro whore, learn your way around the command line, install slackware with the "expert" install at least once in your life. Then move onto Linux from scratch....

    Read RUTE

    When you know your way around the command line, at hardly matters what distro you use aside from the package manager. Whore it up!
    That's enough to get you started.

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    Use the shell instead the graphical environment and also join to a few linux forums.

    there are a few articles to learn, read the LPI certification parts, have good info.

    And the most important : Google is your friend

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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    best way to learn linux is simple not going back to windows, and google, google the shit out of your problems.

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