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Thread: What about seedboxes?

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    I have been reading about the misdemeanours (did I spell it right) of seedbox users in the Elite forum of for a few days. Many people hate seedboxers.

    • Seedboxers drop the torrents as soon as they stop getting upload on them, so they tend to seed for a lesser time.

    • They pay for seedboxes, defying the free filesharing idea. The money they spent on seedboxes could have been donated to the trackers.

    • Content downloaded by seedboxes are mostly for buffering accounts. They download all sorts of torrents but don't actually use them. It is these users who have buffered accounts who later hit and run on torrents.

    • It gives low speed users with less scope to upload and thus they end up having bad ratio. Of course this is not always the case if they seed for a crazy amount of time, because as time passes, no. of seeders decreases. After that, only those users help with seeding who are seeding from home connections.

    Now the advantages:

    • Crazy swarm speed. Fast distribution of data

    • Unpopular stuff also gets snatched (those who use RSS or autodownloaders). This is so much useful on a tracker like What.CD where there is lot of content

    • Only one seeder can max out your connection

    • Those who have very low upload speed can have a better ratio

    So what do you think. Is it just to use seedboxes on private trackers. Is it really required to have a seedbox. I personally think that it is useful only in two kinds of cases. One, for uploaders. Second, for users with really low speed (by low I mean something like 10 KB/s). You can easily get a good ratio with 50 KB/s speed.
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    Well, there are always pros and cons to everything in life.

    Seedboxes can aid the first bunch of the torrent's swarm to become seeders at a faster rate.

    If you don't have the money nor the speeds (third world countries) then go for the alternatives.

    1. Usenet
    2. File hosts

    Most scene stuffs get uploaded onto them too so no worries about not being able to find them.
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    twat BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    if you don't have speeds you can use public trackers

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    For those users with low internet speed, have come to help them the trackers with no ratio.There are lots of them out there,some with rare invites, and others quite easy to find.So, if you are a user with a low connection speed, with a little search over the web, you get access to these trackers.
    But, like you said, even with a low connection , you can mantain a good ratio on most trackers , not all, but most of them. `Cause it's pure stupid to join a tracker like SCC , who has insane pretimes & speed from uploaders & users because they use seedboxes, and you are a user with a internet connection like 100 KB.
    In that momment, with a low connection, you don't need a tracker with fast pretime. You need one where you can mantain a good ratio with that connection, because if you join a fast tracker, you will still be like the last one who finnish that torrent downloading

    Anyway, i don't like seedboxes, i`ve never used one and i will never use one ( as a user).

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    I cant help but love the seed-boxes. DLing 40GB torrents that are 2+ yrs old, at relatively good speeds i might add, would take a lot longer to download.

    Sure I work hard to keep my ratio up on sites like waffles, but as stated above there are pros and cons to everything, however in this situation i think the pros out weigh the cons. This comming from a guy with a 10KB/s up speed.

    My 2 cents.
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    Put it this way - I'd rather be in a swarm with a couple of boxes than without.

    Seedboxes are so common now that it's changing the way we approach torrenting. Not so long ago it was all about the ratios, now people are thinking in terms of seeding time, sites are going freeleech etc.

    It'd be ridiculous to say that seedboxes are a bad thing because homeline users find it harder to keep ratio; that'd be clinging onto an outdated seeding model.

    In the end sites just need to work out how to best accomodate all users, seedboxes or not.

    It's the sites that need to adapt to boxes, not vice versa. Some sites have done this very well, others are less suited.

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    I personally hate lots of seedboxes because it forces other users to get them just to maintain a decent ratio on a websites. But for uploaders seedboxes are a must.

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    i build some good ratios in the past when there was not a lot of users with seedbox.. So i don't use it.

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    sez's Avatar c0V3r3– iN Ba57Ar– BT Rep: +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23
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    What squizzle said.on pedros for example anything past 1.5 on a torrent is easily equivalent to a ban...

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    I saw it put best in a tracker forum:

    Seedboxes are for original speed and quicker distribution to a larger number of people most efficiently and home connections keep the torrent alive for months and months. (optimally)
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