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Thread: [REQ] PTN invite

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    Hello friends

    I am looking for an invitation to the tracker PTN, I heard this great tracker.

    I am a great lover of movies and this is one of the best within the genre.

    Have OVH Gbit to share.

    If you think I am worthy of a invite can pm I show by the ratio proffs and the speed tests.

    Thks in advice

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    no one can invite me?

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    cinephilia's Avatar I don't like you BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    behind you
    obviously not.
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinephilia View Post
    obviously not.

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    Another dimensioN
    You have almost been here 1 year, and only 24 posts. Get a little more active mate. The chance is very slim, for u getting any.

    anyways u never know, good luck


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