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Thread: help out a n00b [question about searching]

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    I have a Giganews account and I was trying to download this movie but as you see the NZB is no longer avaiable.

    so I went to Newsbin program and tried to search for it in a.b.movies.divx

    but in order to view a.b.movies.divx posts I had to download the huge headers file (several Gigabytes)

    my question is, is there any other way to find a post in a specifict group, or maybe a better way to search in Newsbin program ???

    thanks in advance
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    Yeah, try

    They all index usenet groups so you can search posts and create NZBs yourself. However, I noticed that the post you linked to is from early 2007. This won't be on any news servers, the oldest files any of them will have now will be approx 230 days ago (but it depends on what server you are using). Try looking for a newer post
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    Remember that an nzb file is a file pointing to actual files that were posted and reside on a server. If the files that were posted are no long on the server, the nzb files is of no use anyway.

    I use nzbmatrix (free) and newzbin, there are others,to look for nzb'z that were alaready created for a post. But as UsenetGuy mentions you can create nzb files yourself from binsearch and other sites.Cool!

    Hope what i said makes sense.


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