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Thread: YouTube Might Offer Full-length Films from Sony

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    The most popular online video sharing site YouTube and Sony Pictures, one of the first six greatest movie studios in the world are engaged in talks about a future collaboration that will have full-length films brought to the site, Cnet reports.

    While no official statement confirmed the rumor, according to the report YouTube wants free versions of the movies with revenue generated by ads (pretty much the same way as Hulu)

    According to Electronista, a "formal agreement for Sony would give owners of mobile devices with full YouTube clients, like the iPhone and multiple HTC Touch series phones, access to whole movies for free or near-free as long as the movies themselves aren't deliberately excluded from non-web visitors."

    YouTube has been trying to reach agreements with major studios for quite some time now but it was more successful in getting leading record companies to sign deals that would allow the site to host music videos.

    Recently, Disney agreed to offer ABC, Disney and ESPN TV shows on the site.

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