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Thread: Kazaa-skype-sucks

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    The Kazaa creators were no just sitting idle after they sold the revolutionary file-sharing software Kazaa to sharman networks. Using their P2P knowledge , they have now created a P2P telephoning software (VOiP) called Skype.
    Of course, there are many software pieces (Netmeeting, Net2Phone) which haven't really "struck a cord" with long-distant PC callers. But Skype is different.

    It uses a p2p data routing technology. That means Instead of connecting you directly to the caller . Both nodes are first connected via a chain of users (with fast connection) and then the call begins. For all you you worried of "Big-Brother" snooping , feel safe as it also uses Encryption before beaming the data.

    It has amazing sound quality. The most noticable diffrence is the NO-ECHO of your sound from the other persons computer. That way it feels as if you are speaking on phone.

    This is a first PC-telephony software which work PCs with internal Ips / Behind firewalls/ and NAT. As almost half of internet users are behind some kind of proxy or firewall, this is a amazing feature. I also have Internal IP (even though i have a cable-modem, go figure) and Skype seamlessly connected to my friends and fellow editors in USA, UK and here in Bombay,India.

    But there is a catch. If you are reading this article until now, i bet, half of you are searching the word FREE .
    Well, sorry to dissappoint, its not free, atleast until the final version is released. The Skype web-site doesnt mention this on their front-page, but if you read the terms and condition , it says "You acknowledge that certain functions in the Skype Software are only available to paid subscribers after a free trial period of the Skype Software and Services (the "Free Trial Period") ends. After the Free Trial Period ends, you will be presented with the option to subscribe to the Subscription Services". i wonder what features are gonna be free.

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    those bastard will do anything to screw us.

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    why would you expect it to be free?

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    I wouldn't use it if it was free.

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    Sounds stupid.

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    Originally posted by Gre1@22 September 2003 - 13:35
    I wouldn't use it if it was free.
    I really, really need an explanation of that... Why wouldnt you use it if it was free? If they made you pay for it, would you use Kazaa to go and find a free version? Are you not happy unless you are stealing it (which lets face it, we're all stealing music here)...

    It's actually a great piece of software, but the GUI needs an overhaul already cause it looks like it should be running in Windows 3.1. The quality of the call is damn impressive and there isnt any noticeable echo. Oh and while I realise that this is a piece of PHONE software, the bit for instant messaging is s**t. Great idea though...


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