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Thread: How to contact admin?

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    Hi guys,

    Today I tried logging in to my account and I found it had been banned due to breaking rules. I don't think I broke any rules, but I live on a shared IP (school residence) and think there might have been a mixup. I saw that sexten is a member here, but I can't PM him. I also never set up my IRC account so I can't ask there. I just want to find out what happened to me, and if I did break a rule I will drop it at that, but I have 20gigs uploaded and about 5 down, so I am hoping this is a misunderstanding and that I can get it back. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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    no need to have anything setup previosly

    PS: why don't you post with your real nickname here?
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    Thanks for the linkage.

    What do you mean with my real nickname?

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    damn mate...are you on scc?...cuz he is on scc as well... but i will send your thread to him right now...see what happens

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    No I am not, but thanks for the passing on

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    Join at and talk to me.
    What.CD Administrator

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    sexten, i was banned from the disabled chatroom after trying to figure out why i got disable, any chance you could let me plead my case to you? (nickname: mahandler)

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    Hi Sexten,

    I chatted with the_e_male and was banned from the chat. Turns out I was stupid and fell for a trick of someone I had invited in the past and gave them a second account. the_e_male didn't believe me and then banned me. I'm telling the truth here as I would never want to jeopardize my account, as I was a power user and had a very good ratio. If you could please read over the chat logs and make a decision for yourself (my chat username was science), I would be greatly appreciative. I suggested to the_e_male that I could come back on probation without invites or something, so I can't make the same mistake twice, but he seemed like he didn't want to talk.

    If you don't want to look through the logs for my specific chat sessions, I can send them to you. And if you don't want to read them at all and go with the_e_male's decision, then that is fine, I can't sway you.

    Thanks in advance if you help me out, and if not, I enjoyed the site vastly while I was on it, and I won't take my invites on other torrent accounts for granted.


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    I was monitoring your chat with the_e_male and I'm afraid I'll have to side with the_e_male. I hope you will be more careful with your invites on any other site in future. Good luck.
    What.CD Administrator

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    Ok, thanks again.

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