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Thread: Anti-piracy Law Leads to Massive Growth in VPN Services Sales

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    Last week we reported about the effects that the introduction of the IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) in Sweden had upon the country’s Internet traffic.

    The highly controversial anti-piracy law allows courts to order ISPs to provide copy owners with personal information of the subscribers suspected of engaging in file sharing over their networks.

    But it’s only to be expected that where there’s war, weapons will be sold. So, consequently, soon after the law came into effect on April 1, simultaneously with a drop in Internet traffic, Sweden also knew a boost in the sales of anonymity services, such as VPN. Naturally, wouldn’t you say? People are just comfortable when they don’t risk being exposed and delivered to the lawyers of the music and movie industry.

    Although many say that the ones looking to use such anonymity services are people who illegally download content online the truth is that normal users are interested in protecting themselves against the sometimes not so righteous system and possible abuses the IPRED may bring as well.

    One of these anonymity services has already become very popular – the IPREDator launched by The Pirate Bay about which we reported at the end of last month – and its launching date was set to match that of the anti-piracy law. This can be seen as a statement and the industry and law makers should understand that people have discovered the ‘fire’ and now they just won’t let go of the ‘warmth.’ As long as there is Internet people will want to share files with one another.

    Source: P2P ON
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