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Thread: BREIN Forces Offline

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    It's no secret by now that Wolverine was prereleased. With so much time between that event (March 31) and the movie's actual release date (May 1), there's been plenty of time for news to stir. The release of Wolverine has become an often discussed topic, as those who never considered seeing the movie, upon downloading the incomplete work, are now reconsidering. What impact the prerelease will have on the movie's income is unknown, but a positive consensus seems to be brewing.

    It probably didn't help that, a popular Dutch newsgroup indexing site, featured Wolverine as their second most popular NZB file. NZB files point the end user to content on the newsgroups. NZB files are similar in nature to .torrent files, however, there are significant differences. NZB files mechanically point to content on the newsgroups by referencing a specific newsgroup and message IDs. Torrent files verify data using hash values. Although .torrents may be more advanced, a well organized Usenet community compensates for any bogus data on the network.

    Today, BREIN issued a press release which stated they successfully forced the NZB site offline. It didn't take a lawsuit, but the threat of one seems to have done the trick.

    “What we see on Usenet is the illegal offer on a commercial basis of access to unauthorized entertainment content”, says BREIN director Tim Kuik. “Large Usenet providers sponsor NZB-sites and traditional p2p sites to generate paying subscribers to their download services. Subscribers get unlimited downloading of illegal entertainment content but right holders do not see one cent. This can not be allowed to go on.”

    BREIN also stated that they are seeking compensation. Because collected donations, BREIN is looking for damages.

    "BREIN also demands account of the proceeds and compensation of the costs it made. The injured parties can demand surrender of the profits or compensation of damages. A Dutch film like “Oorlogswinter” has been downloaded more than 50.000 times via NZB-portal."

    Of course, did not host any movie, only NZB files. The Netherlands has many NZB sites, most of which seem to be operational – but few seem to be featuring Wolverine.

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    What's so bad about metadata?

    Well you can try Mr BRIAN but you won't succeed in stopping filesharing. They'll only invent higher security protocols or even all turn to the scene?
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