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Thread: Fbi Warning (im Message)

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    Last night I received an IM on Kazaa lite that went something like this: "Your ip address has been scanned and you are in violation of a number of copyright infringements. Your ip address is being scanned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and you will be put under arrest. Within 48 hours you will receive a call from one of our local offices. STOP ALL INTERNET OUTPUTS IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE YOUR CHARGES WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED"

    Needless to say this scared the crap out of me.

    At the same time, Norton Firewall blocked an IP port scan which originated from near Herndon, Va (very close to FBI headquarters). Coincidence? I did some research and found that in July 2003 a law was passed which created a cyber crime dvision of the FBI which monitors P2P sharing and is required to give a warning to anyone violating Copyright laws before legal action is made against them.

    Can anyone confirm or deny any of this?

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    1st post TSIF. Piss off scaremonger!

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    nah man,

    I'm scared and lookin for an answer. Yeh it's my first post but I'm not full of shit either.

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    If Norton blocked a scan, how can they scan your IP?

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    well if you think the fbi is going to im you then I think your full of shit

    fbi: hello
    you: hi
    fbi: your ip has been logged bla bla bla
    youk please don't send me to pound me in the ass prison

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    i've never heard of that before, but it could just be someone messing with you.

    tell us what happens in 48 hours.

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    what's an "im message"?
    is that an "instant message message"?
    they sure are powerful...
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    FBI Instant Message people over kazaa....ohhh shit


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    don&#39;t even think the FBI can scan u. its ONE, invasion of privacy. TWO, if norton blocked the FB FUCKIN I scan then norton is the BEST GOD DAMN FIREWALL I HAVE EVER SEEN.

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