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Thread: Windows Xp

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    How am I supposed to install this if I have windows 98? I keep getting this wrong operating system message.

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    Just insert the WIN XP cd in win98, then choose INSTALL XP, it will take a while then it will ask you to reboot, take the Win xp cd out, and the next time you reboot there will be a new menu for the existing OS, there choose "WINXP setup"...

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    Witch way do you want to install it, delete all or keep all your files.

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    yeah. I would suggest using a 98 bootdisk. or you can use XP setup disks.
    either way, you can get a setup disk from

    WindowsXP will tell you that it can't be installed from a DOS prompt, but it's lying.

    so, backup your stuff, fdisk, boot to floppy (with CD rom support, obviously) and type:
    e:/i386/winnt or whatever you cd rom drive letter is instead of e:

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