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Thread: Ps2 Games

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    I know this might be off subject. I have downloaded a play station 2 game called The sims . I burnt it like I would a pc game. The game will not read in PS2. When I checked on share reactor where I dl it from it said I would need a ( modded PS2 ) . What is a modded PS2 ??? And any other info you can give me Please ??


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    google it should be your new best friend

    ps2 mod chips
    bout 40 bucks us, and you can play backups
    needs to be installed, and solderd into your unit (voids warr)
    they have swap disk but they suck and mess up your cd motor

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    Or u can search for a no-solder modchip on the internet which u can just order and stick it in yourself.

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    Thanks All


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