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    Usually i don't ask here because everything is writen and with the reviews around, the ppl can have an idea about the providers. Well this time i found a new provider which seems to be kind of a new. ( The prices seems a bit cheapy. I am interested in the dedicated servers from France. Is anybody here have tried them? They seems to be a reseller of OVH but i am not sure. Please, if somebody know for sure and if somebody have server from them, let me know how fast is the support and if the France servers are from OVH for SURE!

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    No clue if they are REALLY reseller from OVH but unless you're from outside Europe, prices are quite allright. Server-specs look exactly the same anyways.

    One minor concern; the fact that they offer servers in about a dozen countries could be a good or bad thing. Either they have very good contacts or aren't real resellers (thus ordering servers one at a time) which makes you pretty much dependent on the individual support-times from each company per country.

    Why not chat with availhost yourself; Live Support seems online and they have a contact-form.

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    live support is very nice
    answer questions cleared

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    very big range of dedi's this is great!


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