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Thread: TTSCC should it stay or go? (Dollhouse too for that matter)

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    Well unless FOX does something that FOX normally doesn't do, this means TTSCC and Dollhouse will NOT be on FOX's new lineup. I love the Terminator series and hoped it would not end, and I said the same for Family Guy, canceling FG was stupid. I could care less about Dollhouse tried watching the premiere 3 x times now, and still get past 30 minutes. So what do you all think, or do you even watch either and could care less

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    Yes I think that they should both stay
    But america has a long history of dropping great shows,from Quantum leap to more recently jericho.
    The reasons = Not enough people watchin = No revenue(Adverts)= Bye bye show
    Sad really there isn't a way the viewers could vote on what should happen in the shows/storylines like say,Press the red button for this character to die or that character to save the day or at least some interaction with the viewers so we can get the writers to make a better and more interesting storyline.
    The initial start of most shows that we watch is good to start off with, then they get in their comfort zone and the end result is yet another T.V casualty..
    Leave TSCC and Dollhouse where they are and don't mess with good T.V
    But in America and most of the world it doesn't matter what people have to say,its if your bum is on the seat that matters .
    But saying that look what the people did when Jericho got ousted they sent the T.V station tons of nuts ,If sarah connor show goes what will the fans drop on the doorstep of FOX T.V ,tons of scrap metal?
    With the message attached...I'll be back
    We will see
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    I never liked it but it's the creator of Firefly right.

    Fucking boring.

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    TTSCC after a slow ,painfully cliche first season just keeps getting better so I hope that it gets to stay.
    Little chance of that though people say that they don't watch because there isn't enough good old fashioned Terminator stuff.Fucking mouth breathers sorry if you don't like your tiny intelligences challenged a bit.

    Agree about The Dollhouse .Don't like the leads .Same shite every week .Nothing to look forward to but building another lame ass mythology.

    Joss Whedon can be brilliant(as with Firefly) but he his forte has always been likely roguish characters and witty dialogue neither of which seem to be much in use here.

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    I'll admit, TTSCC was kind of boring in the middle, but in the end they pumped it up and the finale was super, so if they canel it, they're stupid!

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    I think Josh Whedon should go to the corner and not come out before he say he is sorry.


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