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Thread: Welcome to the Free Music Archive

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    While the clash between the p2p (peer-to-peer) file sharing advocators and the entertainment industry deepens there aren’t so many options with regard to free legal one-stop shops for MP3 downloads.

    Financed by the New York State Music Fund, here comes Free Music Archive – a service designed to cover that huge hunger for free music downloads.

    With an increasing fear of being targeted by the RIAA, internet users will welcome any chance to get free music – all the songs offered by Free Music Archive have been pre-cleared for download, sampling, and remixing using Creative Commons licenses.

    Curated by renowned independent radio powerhouses WFMU (Jersey City), KEXP (Seattle), and KBOO (Portland, OR), the FMA provides public access to a treasure trove of rare, live, and new material by bands in a way that's "designed for the age of the internet." Think of the FMA as the blog version of each station's record library, but you get to play DJ, Spin reads.

    A nice touch of the site is a special feature that allows those who care about the artists they listen to enough to support them through a donation directly to them through PayPal.

    Another good thing about the site is that it requires no sign up to download and it also keeps your experience even more enjoyable through the lack of tones of ads.

    Since the site is currently in Beta further development other features will be included soon.

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