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Thread: K-Lite Video Conversion Pack v1.4.0

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    This pack contains the following applications:

    * Avidemux [version 2.4.4 (r4576)]
    * ImgBurn [version]
    * DVDStyler [version 1.7.2]

    Avidemux is a very powerful tool for editing video files. It supports almost every type of video file as input. It can do lots of things: cut, remux, convert, etc. It contains its own decoders and encoders for all common audio and video formats, so it does not need any codecs.

    ImgBurn is a versatile tool for burning DVDs.

    DVDStyler is a basic DVD authoring tool. With this you can create your own video DVD, complete with a custom menu.

    Example Burn

    Converting an AVI file to DVD

    1) Use Avidemux to convert your file into a DVD compatible format:
    MPEG-2 video, AC3 audio, MPEG-PS container format

    2) Drag&drop the converted file(s) into DVDStyler and create a custom menu. For example just a simple button to start the movie. Select the "Burn DVD..." option in the menu to generate an ISO file.

    3) Burn the resulting ISO file with ImgBurn.

    Homepage And Download Mirrors
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    Thanks you very much. I will try AviDemux and DVDStyler.
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