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Thread: IP Blacklist/Filter

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    Hi there,

    A developer friend of mine recently told me that I should be able to DL a utorrent plugin to block certain ips. I haven't been able to find anything except protowall.

    Looking on the protowall forums there doesn't seem to much activity and I am wondering if there is a more up to date solution to this issue. Can anyone advise please?

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    Last time I remembered, you should go get blocklist manager, then it will generate the block ip list. Thereafter you save this list to the Roaming > Utorrent folder. Full instructions should be available on the Bluetack forums!

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    Go to -
    Download - pipfilter.dat.gz
    Extract it to - C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

    Be sure the file is named ipfilter.dat (if pipfilter.dat - drop the 'p').

    Start uTorrent
    Go to - Options | Preferances | Advanced
    Scroll down to - ipfilter.enable
    Set it to - true
    Click - Apply then OK

    Go back to uTorrent's main screen.
    Click the LOGGER tab.

    It should indicate that it loaded ipfilter.dat
    If it did, your done. If not, recheck your steps.

    The 'dat' file is updated every 2-4 weeks. You should d/l a new copy accordingly and repeat these steps to upgrade.


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