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Thread: FatalTracker x100

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    Today I will be reviewing & giving invites to

    As it will become apparent to you this isn't just any old private tracker, what with its great community, including its staff and members alike. This tracker has the latest stuff and if we don't have it and you request it, it's usually up within a day (The releases are about 5-6 minutes behind TL from what I have experienced). What even better is that staff don’t much care about your ratios, but rather the seed times (seed 72 hrs or 1:1), which is great if the torrent you downloaded isn’t much popular (aka it’s a couple days old)

    Here are the site statistics:

    FatalTracker also has other aspects to it, such as a radio (hosted by members and staff), IRC, Public Shout, Weekly Polls, Movie info links, Fatal Youtube, Blackjack
    Fatal Tracker also has a great set of forums that are posted on daily as you can see from the picture below:

    The forums are truly a great part of the Fatal Community. Also host great contests, Arcade, photo hosting, forum battles and a Casino!!
    If you want a Invite:send a email to and i will send a code to register back to you
    HOW do i have so many invites? I'm a mod
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