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Thread: - The newest fastest growing scene tracker

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    We have all heard about TL, ScT, SCC etc..but for many new users getting a ScT and SCC invite is nearly impossible..or even if they find one or get to trade 1..they get banned..not that u shud trade RBy invites too..but RB is a very generous tracker and joining is not hard..if u want to join u can also join our #randombytes and staff will be able to welcome you

    TL is not the hardest to find..but is equally hard..

    Wont it be nice to have a tracker with friendly staff..a generous bonus bogus uploads..and also a tracker where you decide to upload..the site gives you a lot of benefits for that..

    if u ever use IRC..and go and go to the tracers channel will find a site with initials RBy winning a lot of races..or showing up in top 3 constantly for movies, DVDRs, TV xvids and 720p, PC games, xvids, x264s and WMVs and BD9s (yes u read it right WMVs, and BD9s - the only tracker that races them constantly)

    you will find wmvs and BD5s and BD9s on other trackers too but generally hours later or even days later..but on RBy its within 5-7 mintues after pre..

    pre times are so fast..that 90% of the times its second after ScT within a matter of a minute of 30-40 seconds tops.

    when u download..the servers on RBy are 1Gbps dedicated servers..thats right..not shared but you max out your home connection speeds all the time..

    So, in short wts so special about Randombytes?

    1. pre times shows (top 4), dvdrs (top 2), tv x264s (top 2), games (top 2), WMVs (number 1 only site that races them), BD5s and BD9s (top 2), porn (top 2), Apps (top 2-3)

    2. amazing nonsense rude cocky staff that just want to ban you like on other have any problems you can PM the owner directly..and trust me you wont ever get ignored..the only time you will ask for a ban is while cheating or being racist or something like that on IRC..which you should never do can pm staff anytime you want..i am talking with experience..even on can pm them..anytime u can chill relax make fun of them too and they are all cool..

    the best community i have been on so far..

    3. fast download speeds..upto 1Gbps..generous bonus on no other site..for users having difficulty to seed..IRC idling bonus point..

    the best thing is the community and the fast speeds and pre times..and no bitchy staff who just want to give you warnings..

    URL of site: (open registrations but not for too long

    what you gotta lose..try it join will see the difference..nothing to all..i did..and glad i did

    The most generous part of this site is for uploaders on other guys want to get something that you dont find it on the site that you upload and are scared to get it from any other tracker..risking a ban for so called stealing..not on can download from here..and upload it on any tracker of your choice if you wish long as u adhere to the seeding requirements of the site. I am not bluffing once you register you can read it your self in FAQ.

    To prove that the pre times are fast and not something made are some tracers.

    [11:45pm] <@Tracers> [ ScT ] [ #1 ] [ What.Doesnt.Kill.You.LiMiTED.720p.BluRay.x264-CROSSBOW ] [ 6m 15s After Pre ]
    [11:46pm] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #2 ] [ What.Doesnt.Kill.You.LiMiTED.720p.BluRay.x264-CROSSBOW ] [ 6m 48s After Pre ] [ Race Won By ScT 33s Ago ]

    [11:34pm] <@Tracers> [ ScT ] [ #1 ] [ Critter.Quest.2009.COMPLETE.NTSC.DVDR-INSECTS ] [ 1m 44s After Pre ]
    [11:35pm] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #2 ] [ Critter.Quest.2009.COMPLETE.NTSC.DVDR-INSECTS ] [ 2m 29s After Pre ] [ Race Won By ScT 45s Ago ]

    [11:29pm] <@Tracers> [ GFT ] [ #1 ] [ Rock.Of.Love.S03E12.Real.DSR.XViD-OMiCRON ] [ 25s After Pre ]
    [11:29pm] <@Tracers> [ SCC ] [ #2 ] [ Rock.Of.Love.S03E12.Real.DSR.XViD-OMiCRON ] [ 27s After Pre ] [ Race Won By GFT 2s Ago ]
    [11:29pm] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #3 ] [ Rock.Of.Love.S03E12.Real.DSR.XViD-OMiCRON ] [ 30s After Pre ] [ Race Won By GFT 5s Ago ]

    [10:05pm] <@Tracers> [ ScT ] [ #1 ] [ Miffy.and.Friends.Miffys.Adventure.2009.COMPLETE.NTSC.DVDR-INSECTS ] [ 2m 9s After Pre ]
    [10:06pm] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #2 ] [ Miffy.and.Friends.Miffys.Adventure.2009.COMPLETE.NTSC.DVDR-INSECTS ] [ 2m 33s After Pre ] [ Race Won By ScT 24s Ago ]

    [12:08am] <@Tracers> [ SCC ] [ #1 ] [ The.Tudors.S03E02.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION ] [ 1m 33s After Pre ]
    [12:08am] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #2 ] [ The.Tudors.S03E02.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION ] [ 1m 36s After Pre ] [ Race Won By SCC 3s Ago ]

    [4:06am] <@Tracers> [ RBy ] [ #1 ] [ Lewis.S03E04.720p.HDTV.x264-BiA ] [ 4m 5s After Pre ]
    [4:07am] <@Tracers> [ SCC ] [ #2 ] [ Lewis.S03E04.720p.HDTV.x264-BiA ] [ 4m 30s After Pre ] [ Race Won By RBy 25s Ago ]
    [4:07am] <@Tracers> [ GFT ] [ #3 ] [ Lewis.S03E04.720p.HDTV.x264-BiA ] [ 4m 40s After Pre ] [ Race Won By RBy 35s Ago ]

    here is rby winning some races

    19:53:14 <@Tracers> RBy #1 Saw.2.2005.BluRay.1080p.5.1.WMV-IGUANA 5m 16s After Pre

    2014 <@Tracers> RBy #1 The.Tale.Of.Despereaux.2008.BluRay.720p.VC1.5.1.WMV-INSECTS 3m 51s After Pre

    anyone who is on tracers can verify this with there own logs cheers and hope to see u soon there and remember.. the staff are the most humble staff you will find anywhere and uploaders this is where you want to find stuff that you want to upload
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    Quote Originally Posted by I'm Hot View Post
    Signed up
    Me too, the site is kinda drab and downing though. Who came up with the dark grey and light grey theme?

    lol @ admin controls being on user's screens

    Admin cp ->

    Access is not present!!!
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    Intersesting!? I'm trackered out for the most part but will keep an eye out on what this one does...

    Good luck!
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    it might not be too pretty to look at..but content/pre times/speeds..and staff..are the best you can find .. i can show sites with amazing designs but nothing to boast of

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    I get Access Forbidden Error.
    Click here if you want to join TTC

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    that design is absolutely horrendous.

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    your neighbour
    [DAY STATS] [ SCC: 86, GFT: 50, ScT: 42, RBy: 24, ACE: 14]

    Jeah RBy got decent pre and easy to get in
    vision and flawless are among the best scene rls groups

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    New? Is it not over a year old?

    Have to agree that it is a very good tracker.
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    indeed..a great pre time tracker..
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