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Thread: Kimsufi Reseller

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    Anyone know of a good Kimsufi XL reseller? If yes, what are their prices? Looks like is reselling for 52 euros. Anyone know of a better rate?
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    seedhost-net you are not cheaper than me and you don't even have xl server in your website. :/ You only have L . As i can see you now added xl only in whmcs.
    You sell your servers with a set up fee.
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    The place to seed!!!!

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    why is slayer2005 banned from this site? I thought he was one of the reliable OVH resellers????

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    i already did. Trouble is, 6 days into my first shared server with him, I couldnt connect to it. When I emailed him, all he said was it was shut down cause of copyright issues. I find it hard to believe as I have been on quite a few different boxes over the last couple of months.

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    Thanks for the quick responses! The funny thing is I recognize most of the players here. You see, I've tried out about 10 shared boxes. Here's a little feedback on my shared box experience:

    Carl / Slayer2005 - Switch to WebUI instead of TorrentFlux! Maybe it was just a config problem or each user being upcapped, but I was lucky to get 500kb up and box crashed /rebooted every single day. You responded extremely quickly to my emails, but the box was so bad I walked away after 10 days.

    Seedcafe - Loved your service for about 2 months (consistent 3mb up on cheap $15 - 4 torrent plan), then you ran into problems with your hosting (keyweb) and I was down for 10 days. Shorted me a few days in outage credit... but only a few dollars, no biggie. Then you changed seed limits to 300% with no notice. Then temp disabled account for going a few gb over hd limit - why wasn't the system configured to auto stop at limit? That combo of issues in 1 month is why I went elsewhere. Also, your dedi prices were way too high ($110 min). Even now your shared dedi plans are twice the cost of Seedplace. I'd recommend adding something in the Kimsufi XL range. Also, who are you hosting with now? - Reliable box and support but the speeds weren't great (in the 1mb - 2mb range for 25 euro/100gb plan). Not sure if you installed any traffic shaping or how many users it had, but just wasn't worth the money considering Seedplace had 1/1 shared dedi for same price. I just noticed you've changed your pricing & plans, but I'm confused what your "Shared Seedbox 250" plan is? It says 1 user, but then why is it called a "Shared Seedbox"? Is that a Kimsufi XL? What are the processor + ram specs? Why isn't it in the dedi section? If you provide additional info on that server & remove your setup fees on the other dedis, you'd be more competitive.

    Seedplace - Ran a comparison 5 months ago between Seedplace vs Seedcafe using same torrent / same tracker. Ended up canceling your plan because of the difference (Seedplace @ 1mb vs Seedcafe @ 3mb). I'm not sure what you did to change things... but I tried it again a couple months ago and I'm getting a consistent 3mb to 5mb! It's been rock solid for 2 months now. That's the reason I upgraded to your Shared Dedi plan. In a few weeks I'm planning on upgrading to a full dedi and you're definitely my #1 choice. Keep up the great work!!
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    Carl/Slayer - You seemed like a nice guy. I understand shared boxes are hard to configure and support. That's why I never asked you for a refund even though it was unusable from day one. At the same time, that's a horrible 1st impression for a customer. So don't expect a dedi order from me. Can we take it easy on the Slayer Spam now??


    For those that are a bit confused... We had a Slayer2005 spamming and Skizo deleted all of his dup accounts & posts.
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    13 posts in this thread; 7 of them have been adverts.

    CodeBlue, when you feel this thread has served its purpose, please go to Thread Tools and close it.


    Quote Originally Posted by tornadog
    why is slayer2005 banned from this site? I thought he was one of the reliable OVH resellers????
    For creating multiple accounts with which to spam his site or service.

    Users are always warned about spam ads even though the rules they agreed to upon registering at the site specifically address this issue, as well as a sticky thread in this very section in all caps. Even still, they are are warned and given the option to place an ad at the top of the site or section. Those who choose to ignore those PMs have their accounts banned or placed on moderation. If they persist by creating new accounts, we ad a filter for their site (******) and then don't allow them to be discussed at all. It's their loss really. Ads on FST are just a few dollars.
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    The FST group

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    Thanks Skizo!

    One more time - Does anyone know of a reliable Kimsufi XL reseller that can beat seedplace's $52 euro rate? - I'm a bit confused what your "Shared Seedbox 250" plan is? It says 1 user, but then why is called a "Shared Seedbox" and why isn't it in your dedi section? Is that a Kimsufi XL? What are the processor + ram specs?
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    Heh I was confused for a second since you used a $ sign, I was like O.o

    It's €52 so it's about $69. I don't think you will find a better offer anywhere else, I think Seedplace is the best.

    With that said tho I really wish I could order kimsufi directly, saves so much money Rather than using my current shared dedi1 kimi L I could have my own kimi L for a few more bucks

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    @Ichig81 Thanks for the reply! I've had very few problems with seedplace, so it's good to hear their prices are competitive.

    Yaa... It sure would be nice to order directly with Kimsufi. Does anyone know why they don't allow US customers to order? I'm assuming headaches with US copyright laws?

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