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Thread: Torrentleech or sct

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    i have had both trackers for 2 years now , and yes they are both great , BUT i do beleive torrentleech should be higher level than sct , torrentleech has more and is up to date ...
    i know sct is quiker but i feel you can find more on tl what do u think ?

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    Who cares which one is higher level? I prefer TL for downloading 0day material and apps and ScT for TV and movie packs.

    Sure TL has more content and better retention but ScT rules when it comes to archive content.
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    First of all, levels refer to rarity and difficulty of getting in (which shouldn't matter) - they have nothing to do with content, speed, retention or other quality measures. That is why ScT is a higher level than TL (which again shouldn't really matter).

    As for a quality comparison, I've been a member of both trackers (not at ScT any more, see below) and I prefer TL because it's got a ton of content, great retention, good speeds (ScT is known to be faster, but I don't care/notice) and it is not hard to seed and keep a good ratio. If seeding or upload speed is a problem, then ScT may be less useful, as it is notoriously difficult to keep up ratio there compared to other sites - I was throttled by Comcast so couldn't keep up my ratio at ScT and eventually let the account get disabled (and the same thing happened with BitMeTV, haha, sigh). So, for me personally, TL is tops.
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    Discuss it in the WTAW thread; that's what it's there for.

    The FST group


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