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Thread: uTorrent settings for a Seedbox

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    Hi all

    I just got myself a Seedbox and the following uTorrent settings were preinstalled -

    Global maximum number of connections -> 700
    Maximum number of connected peers per torrent -> 1000
    Number of upload slots per torrent -> 1000
    Seedbox runs at 100 mbit (12 MB/s) up/down

    Could someone please tell me if these settings are optimal enough

    Thanks ...

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    Just use the speedguide (CTRL+G) and u'll be fine.

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    Speed Guide is good but I am looking to hear from people who have experience with Seedboxes ...

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    The Owner FAQ

    I just got my seedbox log in information...what do I do now?

    (This is for windows, if you have linux and could make a tutorial, pm me and Ill edit it in and credit you , preferably one with wine/utorrent and then one with rtorrent)

    1. Log in using remote desktop using the IP address and log in information given to you by your provider.

    2. Download and install the latest version of uTorrent. Click Here

    3. Set the connection settings to these:

    4. Adjust any other settings that you want via personal preference.

    5. Download some torrent files and begin!

    How do I get my files off of my seedbox to my house?

    You use an FTP. There is a complete guide for this. Click Here

    I have a seedbox, but I keep getting disk overload and my speeds drop off the charts. Why Does this happen and how do I fix it?

    What is happening is that your bit torrent client is downloading faster then your hard drive can write to the disk. This usually happens with IDE hard drives when the memory set aside to buffer the disk becomes full. The data comes into the server too fast and the server doesn't know what to do with it so it just loses data.

    How to fix it.

    1. First, do a clean install of utorrent to clean out any custom settings you may have adjusted. As something might be corrupt. Then set the connection settings to how they are in the picture below if you have a dedicated box. If you are on VPS, start at the default recommended settings for xx/100Mb. Check to see if it still happens. If it still does, proceed to step 2.

    This image has been resized, click here to view the full-sized image.

    2. Check all the boxes like they are in the image below. If you have 1gb of ram in your server, set the cache to what it is in the image. If you have 512mb. Set it to 150mb. Check and see if it happens still. If it does Proceed to step 3.

    This image has been resized, click here to view the full-sized image.

    3. If the first two options didnt work, then it is a hard disk issue. Run various hard disk analysis tools to see if the disk is working 100% correctly. If it is, your download speed just is too much for the disk write speed. So you will have to limit your download on large files such as anything over 4gb limit the global download speed to 3mb/s and watch it for a while.

    If you start to see all your uploading approach zero, then decrease the download speed to 2.5mb/s. That is a sign that the disk cant keep up.
    If everything is stable at 3Mb/s, try 3.5Mb/s and continue tweaking back and forth until you are stable.

    I have found that with my vectoral box, 4.3Mb/s seems to be the sweet spot where I will still be able to upload/download at the same speeds for anything over 4gb.

    I get to 99.9% and my internet traffic stops for a few minutes and then once that file says 100% it comes back, how come and can I fix this?

    This happens because your memory is buffering the download when you are downloading faster then your hard drive can write. There is no known fix, however, you can limit your download speed accordingly to remove it. Personally, I just deal with it for the 1 minute on the rare occasion it happens as downloading it faster is more important to me, so I can share it on other sites, not just where I downloaded it from.

    PS: not my tutorial. taken from a tracker.
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