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Thread: Xbox Backups

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    I'm sure it's been asked before, but does someone know if there is any way that I can make backups of my XBox games without having to use the ftp method? I saw that there is software out there that claims that it is able to do this, but it looks like b.s. I do have a mod-chip coming, so that is not an issue. It would just be nice to be able to have my pc read the disc instead of having to figure out how to network my pc to my xbox and all that noise. Thanks in advance.

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    no, its not possible your pc drive could probably get 90% of the game but wouldnt have a hope of getting anything else. the only method is the ftp way im afraid (and a modded xbox)

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    Thanks Stoi&#33; Yeah, that&#39;s what I was affraid of...oh well, ftp it is then. By the way, nice site you got going there. I&#39;m sure I&#39;ll see you soon on your forums. Thanks again&#33;


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