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Thread: Sites.Takedown.Vol1.Project.SPARTA.DupeNet.SCT.NOTiCE.NFO-CleanScene

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    in your sWaRm

    so, here we meet again, seems like SPARTA, or all racers and noob groups, didnt read, or ignored,

    what was written in prior notices



    and more spam`s

    this may be just "PRE SPAM", but we all know its true

    so after this came, proofs began to come up:


    anyone who read it, can be sure that dupenet has something with DjGrrr, but hey, wasnt there another notice

    few months ago?


    and this one:


    What is Sparta? 65TB site located in NL-LSWEB. its bnc is located in FR-OVH, and its run by SCT owners

    in our opinion, these 3 nfo`s showed pretty clear, that dupenet, and sparta, has *SOME* connection to P2P,

    but not small p2p connection, for who may not know, sct also runs chronictracker, a smaller site.

    so youre saying, "ok, all of this been said, sparta is down, dupenet is down", well you are wrong.

    it appears to be that DjGrrr couldnt stand the losses that closing sparta brought, so he opened a new site

    called "X", it works on same idea, Pay 2 Leech.

    some info that couldnt be discoverd last time, gonna be shown REAL simple for all of you that are having a

    hard time to follow:

    SCT = DupeNet = SPARTA (X)

    DjGrrr = Heh = JiMBO (X siteop)

    that JiMBO nick was just come together now, after realizing that a piece is missing, who is the one

    who runs SCT, and is both on DupeNet and SPARTA?

    it appears to be JiMBO.

    from what we`ve heard, due to the last sparta notice, JiMBO and his friend "upper" lost 12 sites in one

    hour after last nfo pre`d. for all of u that kept those lamers, i guess they pay you to keep them? dont worry

    we`ll get you too.

    so now that we figure out that JiMBo = DjGrrr, lets proof it.

    we`ve read the dupenet nfo, and the sparta nfo, and found something that, well, VERY similar, seems like

    both SPARTA, and DupeNet is running under fake hosting company "linuxhost".

    and guess what, so is p2p-network, that ChronicTracker using the ircd of.


    Scenetorrents ircd:

    * Dns resolved to


    P2p-Network ircd (also owned by Jimbo):

    * Dns resolved to


    SceneTorrents website:

    * Dns resolved to


    The Fake Company he is running:

    * Dns resolved to


    X/Sparta Ircd (looks like he didnt change the ircd info since last site ^^):

    * Dns resolved to to enter their ircd


    DupeNet ircdNot working anymore but in DupeNet nfo)


    sparta/x ftp info:

    * Dns resolved to

    * Dns resolved to

    [R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=53350

    [R] Connected to

    [R] 220 DrFTPD+ 2.0 (+STABLE+) $Revision: 1761 $

    one of nl slaves:

    [1] 227 Entering Passive Mode (62,212,71,124,180,135). +

    [1] Opening data connection IP: PORT: 46215 +


    we have had hard time to proof that JiMBO is Heh , but look at the facts, Heh pred the ip`s of YPOGEiOS member, when they were affilated in sparta few months ago

    so either JiMBO and Heh is really good friends, and jimbo gave Heh the ip`s, or its just the same person, ill go on same person.

    on one of the fake nfo`s, jimbo wrote "Neves" is YPOGEiOS member, now that connectes to DjGrrr, how did YOU know who Neves is, and brought up

    his nick.

    either its one big coincidence between Heh and Jimbo, or its just the truth , and we dont tell no lies

    after sparta got busted on leasweb. they got a bit smarter, moving their bnc to ovh, but still using leasweb slaves

    ok so we know that ip range 62.212.71.* belong to DjGrrr,


    the nl slave ip is which we got when we downloaded a file from there check

    now check and check

    ok now after saying all that stuff, time for proofs, we managed to get exclusive emails and pdf from so called "donations for leech" (lol)

    just check out pic1.png, and pic2.png, a picture is worth a 1000 words

    groups and racers we managed to pull from site:

    Groups: cowry gaygay oneup IM4GES ssf omicron

    in our opinion? all of them should be banned from scene (although we know it wont happen), why? cause it seems like they choose to ignore last SPARTA notice

    and lets face it, those groups are in many more p2l sites (beside omicron that im surprised to see here)

    and again, this time we must hand it to group RRR, for leaving this site when they found out its real perpose, well done.

    for racers watch

    JiMBO/Heh/DjGrrr (ie sparta/X/SceneTorrent/DupeNet), get a life instead of hurting our scene and groups, and stay IN P2P, CAUSE THE SCENE DO NOT WANT YOU ASSHOLE.

    ohh yeah, i just rememberd

    seemd like our last SPARTA nfo caused BREiN to catch you

    makes me cry


    read the news in the bottom

    DjGrrr, next time it wont be leading only to your site, it will be leading directly to your home.

    Cya Next time, CleanScene
    just one more reason to be satisfied with what i have...this is not good for the afore mentioned people and probably the tracker too especially with BREIN now in effect..and its always about money with this one
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    See below

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    damn kids.
    Go Leafs Go.

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    some1 had too much to drink during easter holidays.....

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    another silly scene notice meh

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    This is all so hilariously incoherent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mollusk View Post
    This is all so hilariously incoherent.
    lol its a scene notice its supposed to be incoherent ..sounds like one of those google translate ones though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by puckface View Post
    damn kids.


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