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Thread: Utorrent Help

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    So me and a friend have purchased a utorrent box from santrex. Now the box at first worked fine but then we started to notice that when we upload a torrent it took and hour or so to update form the tracker and find the seeds and peers. Now it never finds seeds or peers on any torrent. Anyone had this problem before i have made multiple support ticketes and they dont do anything they just said they reset my seedbox but they didnt because all my torrents are still there. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue so i can fix it or else i might have to request my money back and go somewhere else.



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    You might want to try changing the port. Do you have NX or VNC access?

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    all i have is the webui and i tried changing the port but it didnt work. The one time they reset the box on thier end it started working i am just trying to figure out why it started working


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