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Thread: Windows 7 Build 7106 leaked

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    Somebody please get a plumber over to Redmond, because there's a constant leak happening all over the place. What's on the menu this time? Windows 7, as per usual, this time in build 7106 flavor, both x86 and x64 variations. This is confirmed, by various Neowin members and other trustworthy sources.

    The screenshot of the build isn't, as you can see, in English but there are apparently English versions that have been leaked, judging by the following build strings:


    It's unclear if this is the RC candidate build, or if Microsoft intends to progress further with their builds, but only time will tell. So far, changes to this build are unclear, but no doubt things will begin to show up soon enough. This build was reportedly going to be leaked a couple of days before it actually was, so that's rather strange.

    Source: Screenshots:
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    i hope it will be better than xp and vista


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