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Thread: Usage of 0-Day sites

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    I know not every torrent user is the same, but personally as time has evolved, 0-Day trackers for me have become pretty much useless, for me torrenting has evolved into the usage of specialized sites pretty much exclusively, then using smaller sites for the few scene releases i get. Scene shit is of low quality (movies, music) and I can see it being useful for apps if you're unfortunate enough to use Windows, but I don't.

    So the question being, do many of you use your 0-Day sites for stuff you actually use, or just to have the e-peen as they say?
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    packs i love packs and they are fl on my scene site

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    i don't download 0day stuff even if i am on a tracker like that

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    0day private trackers are very easy to get into now, apparently.

    It's now more of whether if you'd like to be in the community or not, just that most people don't.

    I myself prefer to be in a bigger community such as FST itself, since there are many point of views from different people.

    The only scene stuffs I download would have to be DVDRip, 720p or V2 music.

    If I really liked the music I downloaded I would get either a V0 from What, I sometimes get the FLAC too to archive them but if I don't find it there I'll get it from either of the lossless trackers I'm on.

    But usually the V0's will do for me.
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    i guess you are kinda right..i use my 0day trackers for the TV packs and thats because the speeds on TVT are well unreliable but for most of the other things i prefer niche trackers

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    I download from scc and sct regularly. If i want to check out a new tv show or dont want to wait for 720p rlses, i download xvid packs. I also download movies from them, although im straying away from that as SKALiWAGZ' encodes are of a much nicer quality. MP3 i download from what/db9 and if it isnt there its usually on scc. So i still think the 0day trackers have a big "market". Lots of people only download scene material, and thats there choice. Also with the speeds offered by scc/sct, many people will keep going back, as i have sometimes found specialised trackers to have unreliable speed, whereas sct offers me a network of hundreds of OVH's servers all blasting down my home connection
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    From the beginning of my torrenting days I was never into 0-days stuffs. Niche trackers are where most of my download come from. The rest of them are from TPB or Demenoid.


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    I always loved 0day stuff. I get all my apps etc form 0day sites,too go with encoding my movies etc from other sites. I wont download the cams or screeners etc, usually wait till a R5 comes out,. but if I see a half decent rated scene version Ill grab that first. Also, I download games, so I use 0ay sties for that usually too, and up the on bitgamer and on BCG.

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    Hmm I download mostly scene stuff because I am into more mainstream content which 0day trackers provide me with good speed. Concerning specialized trackers, I use what a lot. I rarely use BitMeTV. And PtP, it doesn't have too many seeds on the movies I want. So I end up using 0day trackers.

    Also, DVDRiP quality of scene releases are good enough for me. I download only DVDRiPs because I don't have the bandwidth as well as an HDTV to enjoy HD content.
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    I download mostly scene content because its most of the stuff I like, with fast speeds.
    These days if your on a pretty good 0-day site the packs are great. Achieves with plenty of older content.

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