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Thread: trouble with friends laptop

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    neighbor gave me his laptop today saying that he didnt know the password to get in.

    the fucking thing is a toshiba satellite A205 series. somehow it decided that the bios has a password and now DEMANDS that password before it will even boot. this guy doesn't even know what a bios is...let alone how to set a password for it

    im guessing a good way to workaround would be to clear the cmos but i cant find a solid resource on how to do it with this particular model. if anybody has any experience with this please please let me know.

    i've tried searching for default passwords for bios...nothing
    i've tried searching toshibas forums....nothing
    i've tried winning the lottery...nothing

    the only thing i was able to find was some sort of patch issued by toshiba for a bios update. apparently this problem was a bug they had with the series of laptop. unfortunately now it's way too late to try and flash the bios to the newer version because I CANT GET INTO THE FUCKING THING


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    Did you read the service bulletin from Toshiba.The one I read says it covers the cost till Dec 2010.It may depend on the model.You don't list the full model number so you will have to check under product support Toshiba.

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    Do not trust me on this.
    I read somewhere that you simply, unplug it, take out the main battery and then take out the small disc battery inside the machine.(which keeps the time correct etc) then put it back.
    Do not know if this is true.

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    Possible other solution join and post here
    One post I read mentions how to possibly do it , but the pics were not shown.I believe you would have to join and send the Moderator a Pm requesting the pictures.
    Good Luck

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    check you tube search hack pasword and wham its there the only way is to take bottom off ect follow the vids instruc good luk

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    Do not take any notice of some of the threads on without official confirmation.

    These are the ones that start "Please understand that you are doing this at your own RISK !! I have never try this before!"

    Tanslation: "I'm too chicken shit to try this on my machine, but I don't give a fuck if yours melts."
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    The password is Toshiba ? Too easy I guess eh .

    How about this one ?
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