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Thread: Scary Movies

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    Does anybody know of some really good scary movies? What are your favourites?

    The ones I can think of are:

    Event Horizon
    In The Mouth of Madness
    Jeepers Creepers
    The Ring

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    i downloaded bad taste, but i've not watched it yet
    i saw it a few times as a kid, but i'm a little too scared to watch it now...
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    Hmmm moved from request to movieworld


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    the exorcist, the rereleased version

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    Hellraiser 1 & 2 (the rest are shite)
    The Fog (that scared the shit out of me when I was a kid)
    The Ring (Jap version not the remake)
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    I can&#39;t think of any really. The ring was unexpected but not scarry. Maybe a little...

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    Yep the only movie that really scared me wos the Exorcist, but i was only like 12 when i first seen it, and Regan the little girl was scary as fuck....

    But now iam the ULTIMATE horror fan.. the old days where the best, u will never get directors like Lucio Fulci or Urmberto Lenzi and Ruggero Deodato again.. horror now a days just suck...

    anyway if u want a gud horror 2 check out make sure u c

    Zombie Holocaust... truley amazing

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    The Wicker Man is a freaky, unsettling film.

    The only film that really loosens my bowels is Don&#39;t Look Now.
    It&#39;s a 70s film directed by Nicholas Roeg starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie and it does my head right in every time I see it.

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    Jason & Freddy Movies were always my favorites another one is Christine I don&#39;t know if alot of people know about that movie.

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    yep Christine a gr8 John Carpenter classic, another gr8 horror director

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