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Thread: Need Xvid To Svcd Please

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    any one out there in nody land no of a simple and quick program ,that will convert xvid or divx, better yet both to svcd .
    got super dvd creator but it takes like 30 hours(or am i doing something wrong?)
    i can download a movie in eight ,but hey most of the time,there isnt a svcd copy of the movie on kaaza or bittorent
    know of a site?
    is it true that using dvd2svcd you can do it in two hours per disk?
    iam getting really confused reading all the how to's out there?
    any help would truely be appreciated

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    use TMPGEnc (in my sig)
    make sure your vfapi settings are like this it the settings in tmpgenc (ignor any settings you don't have just match what you do have)

    are if you can play kvcd try acp in my sig, kvcd is the 5hit
    better than mpeg 2(svcd) with the whole movie on 1 cd

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    thanks mate ,but unfortantly my f"n dvd player in the lounge room is not kvcd compatible(only on pc) and yes tv is connected to pc but loose heaps this way
    for some reason cdrs play better in dvd than pc to tv

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    as for your other Q.
    dvd2svcd uses tmpgenc, just a easyer interface (gui)
    I herd using the cce plugin insted of tmpgenc gives better results, going to try it
    cce cost 3grand but might be able to find it on kazza
    know for a fack that it on right now

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    i got my cce of kazaa but i use 2.5 cos i had probs with the newer one you can go higher than 2pass

    also i use dvd2svcd cos once its set up you only need load the film and press go and it does the rest with mine set at 6 pass vbr it takes 12 hours so not to bad


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