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Thread: Umm I Need To Reduce .gif Files Ne1 Help Pls

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    hey every1 1 was woundering whats the best way to reduce file sizes on .gif file i have two 1 avatar 42kb and a signature i want its 79 kb and thats 21kb over limet so ne1 care to messege o rpost instructions on how to reduce .gif files i would really really reall b egratful thanx for u rhelp

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    what graphics programs you got?
    If you've got animation shop (comes with paint shop pro) then just open the gif in it, choose save as and fiddle around with the gif compression stuff.

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    Mihov image resizer.

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    i dont have n eprogram bu tim gonn atry th elink shn hooked me up with than xguysn gals

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    im using mihov as we i speak it helps resize in pixels i was talking about the fil esize eg i have an avatar 42kb the sig i wan tis 79kb together its over the limet i need to shrink the files size (KB) but thax for sovlin part o fmy prob if you know a nouther prog i can use to shrink file sizes that would be cool

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    Use ulead gif animator, open the file n then save again with a smaller size....

    Image Resized

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    alrigth ill try thats thanx fo rur help

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    ULEAD is great thanx for recomending the program it sso much umm fun ive spen thours on i talready id recomend it to ne one it sgreat the other program mihove wasnt the best i d hav to flame on the program i had to restart to try it jkjkjk ne ways than xevery 1 for helping mad respect out to fr600 thanx for the programe recomendation

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    your typing is ever worse than adthomp's...
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

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    i know i type to fast and it gets all messed up plus i cant spell lol grade 10 drop out lol but if i type slow and sober like i am now my typings not that bad

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