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Thread: Spb Mobile Shell

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    That is the problem..

    Question Mark

    Where can i find Spb Mobile Shell with Serial No for download?
    also looking for other apps for Window Mobile 6 (for my omnia), if you have some recommendations.


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    1,772 is a great resource for wm6 stuff - definitely worth a look.

    In general, everything made by SPB is great - I like mobile shell, spb insight is great for news (if you have an unlimited interweb tariff).

    I also like "s2u2" which adds an ipod style "slide to unlock" to your wm6 phone - very good app indeed. Again, link can be found at xda-developers.

    I might grab my old phone out the draw and look see what else I was running.


    and spb mobile shell v2.1 or v3 are both on usenet, if you use it. Newzbin has nzbs.
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