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Thread: {REQ} Blackcats

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    Just flashed my 360 and would really like an Invite to BlackCats-Games to help me build up my collection.
    Have a fair amount of games already that i'm prepared to Rip and upload (For various consoles).

    I think i may have read somewhere that Invites arent available/working for BC anymore, if this is the case then plase let me know and i can go cry in a corner somewhere .

    Thanks for looking, and i'll keep everything crossed...
    AMD 6000+ X2,ASUS Crosshair mobo,2 GB Ballistix PC2-8500,8800GTX 768M PCI-E on HP 22" WS TFT @ 1680 x 1050.

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    invites are working for bcg and stoi was generous enough to give 3 to nearly all users or at least good ones so ppl out there probably have some left plus they opened sign ups at irc don't know if its still continues i wish you gl if you have some ratio proofs etc post it that can help you


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