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Thread: Living On Coke

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    Ha u thought i was talking about the white stuff that u shovel up your nose

    this is my last stupid qestion i promise....

    I just want 2 know how long do u think sum 1 cud last by only living on cans / bottles of Coke ( not pepsi )

    wud having nuthing but sugar send u crazy...

    i wanna know, i need 2 do sum sort of Crazy David Blanie type stunt and i think living on nuthing but coke 4 , 2 weeks sud b it

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    I'd say it would probably eat its way through you first!! Seriously though have you ever put a dirty penny in some coke? Leave it a while and it will come out gleaming - imagine what it does to our stomachs??

    its still tasty though

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    Hydrochloric acid which is present in our stomachs is more acidic and more corrosive than the acids in Coke. And our stomachs are "engineered" by nature to contain the Hydrochloric acid.

    I think you'll find that (bar in the mouth or gullet) stomach acid is doing us more damage (very little) than Coke is

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    I think that you would dehydrate and die before two weeks are up, but if you'd like to try I'd be interested in the results.
    Please pin a note to your shirt so the paramedics can let us know...
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    I think that you would dehydrate and die before two weeks are up,
    wud i, cool, i think i cud last 2 weeks my body is Marvel of medical science

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    You should try sitting in a box living on nothing but Coke and drinking nothing but Coke. The results would definately make better TV!!!

    Good Luck Metro.
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    if only i had a Digital camera i cud take sum gr8 pictures,

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    thank goodness we havent been blessed with that yet.
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    You couldnt just live on a soda. Eventually you wouldnt be able to stand it and puke your insides out.

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    Never tried any joint yet, but coke is cool.

    and Nescafe eXpress (coffee) is better, alhtough to much can
    lead to "shit problems", that is not funny. That is why I enjoy some
    fem coffees really...


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