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Thread: Bios Mobo Anylizer And Sys Reg Cleaner

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    HI.... Some progs that have been d/l and have no uninstall wizard.. some you just have to delete the file.. and other bits of stray stuff.. would like to keep my system clean as possible.. is there a good prog that can run throug it and show stuff that is reduntant or clogging up.....
    Also I used a couple of Bios/mobo anylizer type progs and they give me false info.. BIOS WIZARD tells me I cannot boot from cd rom and a couple of others..
    and FRESH DIAGNOSE Just refuses to give any info on my bios or mobo... just recomends an upgrade..
    In my motherboard cd there is an awdfla763 utility...
    Its a socket A m805lr ...... BIOS ID is 07/27/2000-m805lr-6a6lme19c-00
    Bios wizard tells me the chipset is VIA 8C305 RV 3.. (But when I look inside it says on the says VIA KT133....)

    Hey I had some plumbers in the other day and they nicked my torch the bstrds lol.. diff to see clearly inside..
    Anyway I got to the pc chips site through "pc chips lottery".. there are two files that poss work for my comp... course I want the right one... The number I found that I think is correct on my chip is w203h there are two versions apparently
    If anyone has knowledge of this particular board and flashing capablitiies It would be well appreciated

    I have a gif image of the mobo but not sure how to link it with this msg btw...

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    Sandra is a proggie that will give you info on your mobo

    jv16 powertools is quite good for registry cleaning
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