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Thread: OVH Speed Caps (95%)

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    Is OVH still placing bandwidth caps on high usage boxes? Or have they lightened up on enforcement because of

    How badly do you have to max out the line before it's an issue? And for how long? Anyone been capped in the past 30 to 60 days? What were your stats before the cap?

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    when do you notice the cap ? what's the average up speed for the average joe to notice such a thing?

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    Cabalo, I'm a little confused by your questions. The speed cap I'm talking about was something OVH put into place about 5 months ago for non-premium boxes. I believe if you use more than 95% of your 100mb connection for a few days, they'll cap your speed to 10 to 20mbits (1 - 2mbytes).

    My question is are they still enforcing that rule? Has anyone here been capped recently?

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    They are, although I've never hit it. I believe it's 95% of your 100mbit for 36 hours. So if you're seeding at 11mB/s (or whatever it is) and have been doing it for 36 hours (not straight, but combined) then you will be put in noSLA.

    This is my take on it anyways
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    I haven't hit the so-called limit yet but I can most certainly say I do more than 36 hours a month above 11MB/s. It might also be dependent on where you got the machine from; as far as I know, resellers can spread their total peak-bandwidth while single customers can't, so if you're with a reseller and he has, for instance, 10 machines and you're the only one hitting 11MB/s in a month, you could theoretically do 10x36 hours which is about 15 days.

    Anyhow, welcome to the world of "unmetered bandwidth"; no guarantee you can max out your connection at your convenience.
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    Afaik they only limit transit (i.e. upload to places where they don't have peering agreements), also it depends on the bandwidth package you select. Standard bandwidth is based on the 95th percentile model.

    I read today that OVH currently run over 50,000 servers, I don't think they're threatened by to be honest.

    You can find detailed descriptions of their bandwidth policies and how they'll affect you on their forums, go over there and check out the madness. They're doing some massive upgrades at the minute, it's interesting reading.

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    Honestly, it's not really that big of an issue unless, you're an uploader and/or buffer whore. If you're just a regular seedbox user you should be fine.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    Thanks for the replies! Sounds like it isn't really a problem.

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    I am pretty sure i was suffering from that , i used share a Kimsufi 3XL with 4 friends and all of us were heavy users so there was continuous max out for ~ 4 days and the server got capped now no one gets > 100 kBps ive moved to though
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    it cap me today i can't download anything fcuk

    they stop me download by [F]Error: ??

    beware from kimsufi [ OVH ]
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