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Thread: Swedish ISP: Protect Customers, Fight IPRED

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    Swedish ISP Bahnhof is destroying the all IP addresses of their customers to protect them from new legislation

    Sweden has become lately the setting for crucial debates regarding internet privacy, trials of huge interest concerning p2p file sharing sites and massive protests against court decisions and new laws meant to deter illegal file sharers.

    Following the introduction of the highly controversial IPRED anti-piracy legislation in Sweden, the Swedish ISP Bahnhof is responding firmly and straightforwardly – it has began to wipe all data about its customers. The action is the expression of the ISP’s open protest to IPRED.

    CEO Jon Karlung, who’s been speaking against this law, said in a statement that the protection of their customers is the company’s main concern at present.

    "It's about the freedom to choose, and the law makes it possible to retain details. We're not acting in breach of IPRED; we're following the law and choosing to destroy the details," Karlung pointed out.

    Bahnhof also encouraged other ISPs to follow its example which would actually annihilate IPRED:

    "Yes, that would make the new law completely ineffective. And then the legislators will have to step up and say they want to have data storage, not to catch terrorists but to help record companies and the movie industry in the hunt for file sharers," he concluded.

    We will probably find out pretty soon about new measures taken by Swedish officials to prevent such actions from happening and order ISPs not to erase any for at least of six months.

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