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Thread: Emi Sued Board User

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    The companies

    Warner Bros. -•- Universal Music Studios -•- BMG München -•- BMG Berlin -•- EMI Musik Group

    did sue a 36 year old guy from germany because he was an active board user at

    The problem in this case was that this board user had the same nickname like a well known uploader. The court did decide that this is reason enough to sue him.

    For now he has to pay 20.000 Euro (Euro and Dollar are nearly a 1:1 calculation - it's a bit less at the moment) but EMI wants to sue this guy (300.000 Euro this time) because he did not sign some document that he won't do it again (remember that he did not upload it but the court did say that it is enough reason to sue him if the court believes that he is responsible - EMI doesn't have to prove it &#33

    How did they find this guy ?

    Like I posted before: He was a board user and had some avatars linked to his domain name plus he has his real birthday in his board profile - that was enough information to "get him".

    If you understand german you can visit to learn more about this case.

    I think it is not the correct way to sue a user just because he has the same nickname like a well known uploader.

    What do you think about this ?


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    poor sod

    my name's frank btw and i was born on the 1st of april 1990, pleased to meet ya

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    Gives me the idea that we are being watched.

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    Originally posted by Somebody1234@22 September 2003 - 18:15
    Gives me the idea that we are being watched.
    i think that's pretty much a given...however, there shouldn't be anything wrong with visiting a forum...

    this guy is very unlucky
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    seems a bit harsh. i feel for the guy

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