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Thread: One Step Kvcd, It Does Everthing

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    Nice info

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    KVCD s a great thing. the only issue is alot of Dvd players don't support it. And i have been looking for an all in one program like this. It is a bitch to do it all yourself. I commend your find.

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    nice find

    il try that later

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    Alot easyer.

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    should be pinned

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    hey I live in Thailand, DVD players r not that popular, but we have a VCD player, would the kvcd work on that???

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    Nice guide.

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    excuse the bump
    but kvcd is da shiznit

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    Last time I used these resolutions with TMPGenc it seemed they all looked like KRAP except for the ones that ended up being the same file size which was pointless. It seems the compression ruined the quality. I would rather have two CDR's of quality than one KRAP. It seems that if this really was good and could keep the quality with compression we might see movies spread in KVCD format, thus I still see this product as KRAP.

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