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Thread: Switch off apps for gaming mode with Gamebooster

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    Recently I have gotten back into gaming, which means a huge 2 hours a week about, but nevertheless, it is a good way to blow off some steam. If you want to run some very modern games though you might need to squeeze every last bit of memory and CPU power out of your laptop or desktop PC, and Gamebooster is a big help in that.

    Essentially it does what you could do manually, it finds the services and apps running that you don’t really need, and switches them all off with the push of a button. It switched off Launchy for me, the Aero theme for Vista, which apparently eats away at the CPU, some tablet services I didn’t even know I had running, etc., so it does quite a good job.

    I actually didn’t notice a huge increase in performance, but the difference is there. I tested on GTA 4 which runs away on my system, but not very well. On minimum spec I can play pretty well, with only a few effects added. In very intense areas I noticed some performace issues were less prominent, like less lag and jittery camera, so it definitely did help. The best thing about this app is that it is so easy to use, no need to go through 20 services and shut them down, but even better, they can be restarted with the same one click action. This is also great for trips to prolong battery life!
    I tried it out a few weeks ago, and it really works, but I wasn't on the Internet either, so I don't know security wise what it would effect.

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