Source: gHacks

Almost everyone has a mobile phone today and phones themselves have gone beyond just devices to use to talk to people. Today’s phones come ready with a whole bunch of bells and whistles for their owners to play with. One of these includes support for video.

One of the best resources for an owner of a video-enabled phone is Vuclip. Formerly called, this site is like YouTube for mobile phones. Users can stream video clips from different video-sharing sites directly to the phone via the site’s search function or just browsing different categories.

As a bonus, Vuclip lets you save videos directly to your phone without any format or codec conflicts. When you see a video you like, just enter your name and phone number and click the ’send to phone’ button. Vuclip will transcode the file to the necessary phone format and send it to your phone so you are saved the hassle of converting the file format yourself. Registered users have access to additional features like creating cliplists and video alerts among others.

Vuclip claims to produce videos that are compatible with 2,000 different phones from various brands. In addition, the Vuclip service is available for more than 130 countries. The only downside is that although the service is free, users might still have to pay for accessing the internet from their phones as well as for data transfer. Of course this depends on a user’s service provider and the type of billing plan.