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Thread: suggest a good rts pc game

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    I was really into RA2 and Warcraft II, so I was thinking of trying RA3 or Warcraft III. But I don't know whether the online multiplayer scene is awesome in these games. I am also looking at Company of Heroes and other C&C games possibly.

    Now I read a great review of Demigod, so I'm thinking of picking up an RTS game mainly for fun multiplayer gaming. I don't need deep strategy, just some fun gameplay where I can kill some units and time.

    Please suggest whatever you think is the best. Obviously I'm out of the loop (I've been playing CoD series exclusively for 5 years or so).

    Some notes: I will be buying a legit copy & cost is not an issue.
    I can probably play anything in the genre with a new i7 cpu and 9800GTX+ and 6GB corsair.
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    supreme commander and c&c generals is two games that i've played alot with my friends
    if you only want fun multiplayer gaming, i'd recommend warcraft 3

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    demigod is good fun in multiplayer.

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    Be sure to pick up the Entrenchment Microexpansion, it's well worth the extra $10(assuming you're buying it).

    demigod is good fun in multiplayer.
    Not an RTS.


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