So I've been searching the ends of the interweb for an answer to my problem. It seems to only affect my gigabit servers with uTorrent on them. Debian, no problem, but the problem I have is on both Windows 2003 64bit and Windows 2008 Web.

Basically, uTorrent is not writing to the disk at ALL. It writes to the cache, but writes super slow, or none at all to the disk. I've tried messing around with different settings and haven't found a solution. This problem is on two separate servers at two different data centers. I'm hoping some Window experts can help me, because I think it might be a security issue? I don't know, but it seems to has to do with Windows and uTorrent.I've already done the increase disk cache, disable windows write cache, etc, but nothing works. I even disabled caching all together and nothing. Here is the screenshoot:

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On this same server, I had no problems with Debian + lxde + WINE + uTorrent. So that narrows it down further to being just Windows and uTorrent. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Take care